Amin Vahedian Khezerlou





I am an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the College of Business in Northern Illinois University. I earned a Ph.D. in Business Analytics from the University of Iowa in 2019.


My research interests include Machine Learning, Data Mining and Spatio-Temporal Big Data Analytics.


Current Projects


We proposed an algorithm to build an interpretable, computationally efficient implementation of the Bayes Optimal Classifier. A summary of results for this research has been accepted at IEEE ICDM 2021. We are working on a journal extension, targeting IEEE TKDE.


I am leading a research project into empirically validating Work Motivation Theories, by studying the behavior of taxi drivers following a traffic congestion. We use a dense dataset of GPS records that capture details of location and driving speed, in addition to earnings of the driver.


I am collaborating on a project to predict traffic accidents using deep learning techniques and spatial clustering methods. A preliminary version of this work is accepted at SIAM SDM 2022 and will appear as a full paper in the proceedings. We are working on a journal extension, targeting IEEE TKDE.


We recently published a paper in IJOPM, where we study ragpicker productivity in the solid waste industry in India. This is action research, where we work with local NGO leaders to implement policies guided by our research.


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328 Barsema Hall

College of Business

Northern Illinois University

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DeKalb, IL 60115



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