Amin Vahedian Khezerlou





I am in my 5th year of Ph.D. program in Management Sciences at the University of Iowa. My adviser is Dr. Xun Zhou. I am currently in collaboration with Nick Street, Yanhua Li and Jun Luo. Some past collaborations have been with Zubair Shafiq, Alex X. Liu and Fan Zhang.


My research interests include Data Mining and Spatio-Temporal Big Data Analytics.


My dissertation topic is on Urban Event Analytics. Specifically, I study rare gathering and dispersal patterns that happen in violation of regular mobility patterns. I formulate such phenomenon computationally and design methods for their early-detection and/or prediction. My study has led to several publications in form of journal articles and conference proceedings.


I am currently on the job market. Please see my job application page for statements and Curriculum Vitae.





S283 Pappajohn Business Building, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242.